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  • Public Transport Mode Share : Vadodara

    Total Number of Trips Walking Non-Motorized Public Transport Intermediate Public Transport (shared auto, auto rickshaw, taxi etc) Private vehicle
  • Injuries & Fatalities : Vadodara

    Total Injuries:Pedestrian,Bicycles Two-wheelers, Other modes of road transport (auto, bus, lorry) ,Total Fatalities for the years 2016,2017,2018
  • Public Transport Access:Vadodara

    Type and No. of Buses No. of bus terminals No. of bus stands No. of bus stops
  • Earnings from Bus trips : Vadodara

    Average No. of daily trips,Average No. of passengers (day-to-day basis,),Average Trip length in km (daily) Average cost per km (daily),Revenue per km
  • No. of Buses:Vadodara

    Presence of organized bus transport system (Y/N) No. of Bus Service Providers Total No. of Buses plying within the city No. of Bus Stops that are disable friendly
  • Vehicle Registrations Data : Vadodara

    No. of Registrations :Buses ,Light Motor Vehicles ,Goods Carrier Vehicles ,Two-Wheeler Vehicles ,Miscellaneous For the years :2014-15 ,2015-16 ,2016-17 ,2017-18
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